Who are we?
The Transport and Health Study Group is an independent society of public health and transport practitioners and researchers committed to understanding and addressing the links between transport policies and health and promoting a healthy transport system.

We were founded in the late 1980s by Dr. Stephen Morton. Although predominantly a UK body, we are at an early stage of expanding into an international Group.

What are our interests?
Our field is a broad one, including :

• Promotion of walking and cycling,
• Promotion of less polluting alternatives to the motor vehicle
• Transport for people with disabilities
• Transport for health purposes
• Impact of transport on local communities
• Safety
• Role of transport in accessing healthy choices, (e.g. healthy food, countryside)

What is our background?
In the first stage of our existence we functioned primarily as an academic study group arranging regular seminars to discuss particular aspects of the relationship between transport and health. Our publication “Health on the Move” was the first definitive account of the relationship between transport and health. We later contributed to “Road Transport and Health” by the British Medical Association.

Following this we became the public health voice of a campaign for better transport policies. We established a network of transport and health contacts in health authorities and produced guidance on health impact assessment of transport schemes.

Our recent e book Health on the Move 2 is a definitive scientific and policy account of transport and health, much expanded from its first edition and with a much more thorough scientific review of the field.

What is our remit?
The Group continues to engage in discussion about emerging evidence in the field and continues to maintain a robust independent campaigning stance. We are also focused on enabling public health professionals to provide effective support to transport organisations and to enable transport professionals to take health into account.

We maintain a robustly independent but evidence-based position on all issues. Scientific integrity is a core value for us. So is commitment to the needs of people and local communities.

Following the publication of HotM2 THSG is reviewing its priorities and is considering whether any further policy objectives which flow from the book should be added to the above list.

Related organisations

We sponsor the publication by Elsevier of the award-winning Journal of Transport and Health.

The Professional Association for Transport and Health (PATH) is an international organisation offering services to professionals with an interest in the field. THSG membership is included in its membership package.

In the UK the Partnership for Active Travel, Transport and Health (PATTH) is a group of professional organisations including health organisations, engineering organisations, transport organisations and environmental organisations. The secretariat is jointly provided by THSG and CIWEM (the Chartered Institute for Water and Environmental Management).

In the UK the Transport Special Interest Group of the Faculty of Public Health is managed for the Faculty by THSG.