Health on the Move 2

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A vision of life with a healthy transport system
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Quote from Sir Liam Donaldson:

Public health needs ideas, it needs inspiration, it needs champions.  Such are the scale and complexity of the challenges that must be addressed.

The causes of ill health, the solutions to some of our major health problems and the sustainability of our environment are intricately interwoven with the way that we move from place to place both locally and across the globe.  The scope of any analysis in this area of public health also needs to encompass the way that goods and services are accessed and the ways that groups of people gather.

Health on the Move 2 is a clear and comprehensive account of what would constitute a healthy transport system.

The report is unusual in that it blends evidence, authoritative opinion from experts in their field as well as creativity.  It is not only an educational tool and a series of recommendations for policy-makers, it is a powerful basis for advocacy.  No-one should underestimate the scale of changes required to realise the vision for the future set out in this ground-breaking report.

If just a small number of towns and cities in the country would act on the ideas and evidence in it then we would begin to see the shape of a new future in which every move is a healthy move.

Sir Liam Donaldson

Chief Medical Officer for England

(1998 – 2010)