AGM 2015

MINUTES OF THE AGM OF THE TRANSPORT AND HEALTH STUDY GROUP HELD ON 8TH JULY 2015 AT 5PM AT UCL at the close of the 1st International Conference on Transport and Health.

In the chair – Steve Watkins and Jenny Mindell

Present 15 members

  1. The Cochair (Science), Dr. Jenny Mindell reported on the organisation of the conference and on the successful development of the Journal of Transport and Health. The Journal had been accepted into the major citation index for social sciences in only about a year of its launch and from its first issue which was highly unusual. Jenny reported that a meeting on behaviour change was to be organised in the autumn.
  2. Jenny was not seeking re-election as she wished to concentrate on her role as editor. Steve pointed out that in her time first as Vice Chair and then Cochair Jenny had firmly established the scientific basis of the discipline, producing Health on the Move 2, then launching the Journal of Transport and Health and then organising the 1st ICTH jointly with Karyn. The AGM expressed its considerable gratitude to Jenny for this outstanding contribution.
  3. The meeting recorded its thanks to Jenny and Karyn for their work in producing a highly successful conference.
  4. The Cochair (Policy) reported that in the UK the Group had held discussions on injury prevention and on transport for older people and had contributed to discussions on spatial planning. In Europe it was seeking to establish a group of advisers in the European Parliament. In Spain it had given evidence on cycling policy.
  5. After discussion it was RESOLVED that the Articles of Association and Regulations already circulated to members in draft be approved as the rules of THSG with amendment of the list of Councils to include a North America Council and a Latin America Council in place of the Americas Council and subject to the following provisos:-
    • The affairs of the North America, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Arica Councils be arranged by Preparatory Committees until they judge that they are ready to bring their full rules into force
    • The Preparatory Committees and Board of Directors conduct a detailed review prior to incorporation
    • The Board of Directors be empowered to make changes to the rules up to the date of incorporation subject to notifying the members and holding a General Meeting or poll if 20 members object
    • The final rules be submitted to a poll before incorporation


  1. There was a discussion of subscriptions. It was agreed that national branches be free to set their own rates and it was noted that the US National Branch might therefore vary the dollar rates and certain adjustments were made to US rates reflecting this. Subject to this the following rates were set:-

National or international organisations   £750 or €900 or US$1200.

Arrangements for reciprocal membership or contributions in kind unchanged

Local organisations   £35 or €42 (including outside the US 7 individual memberships)  or US$56

Additional individual members via local groups £5 or €6 (not in the US)

Students £5 or €6 or US$16

Unwaged or low paid (by national standards) £5 or €6 or US$8

Other individual members £20 or €24 or US$32

Conversion rates outside the UK, US and Eurozone – to be converted from the sterling rate, developed countries at the official conversion rate, developing countries at purchasing power parity.


  1. Election of officers

Co chair (Science) – Adrian Davis

Co chair (Policy) – Steve Watkins

Vice chair (Science, UK) – Charlie Musselwhite

Vice Chair (Science, Europe) – remitted to Adrian and Jenny to appoint

Vice Chair (Science, International) – remitted to Adrian, Jenny and Karyn to appoint

Vice Chair (Policy, UK) – Nick Cavill

Vice Chair (Policy, Europe) – remitted to European Council to appoint

Vice Chair (Policy, International) – Karyn Warsow

Secretary  – Liz Davies

Editor – Jenny Mindell

Webmaster – Salim Vohra

Treasurer – Beverley Gallier


  1. Election of Board of Directors

Steve Watkins

Adrian Davis

Jenny Mindell

Liz Davies

Karyn Warsow

Vice Chair (Science, International) when appointed

Beverley Gallier

Salim Vohra

One representative to be elected by the European Council.

One representative from each of North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Oceania to be appointed by Steve, Adrian, Jenny and Karyn acting by majority as part of the process of establishing Preparatory Committees.


  1. Election of UK Executive Committee


Steve Watkins

Adrian Davis

Charlie Musselwhite

Nick Cavill

Jenny Mindell

Salim Vohra

Liz Davies

Beverley Gallier





Seraphim Alvanides Geoff Barnes Margaret Douglas Selina Gray Christopher Hadfield Dominic Harrison Helena McKeown Roger Mackett Duncan Vernon Malcolm Wardlaw Vincent Walsh

Martin Rathfelder

A representative (to be confirmed) of Living Streets


  1. Election of European Council

UK – Steve Watkins, Jenny Mindell, Dominic Harrison, Chris Hadfield and Adrian Davis

Spain – Catherine Perez and Rosana Peiro

Ireland – Kevin Kelleher

Malta – Karen Vincenti

Netherlands – Elise van Kempen

Greece – Seraphim Alvanides

Sweden – Bjorn Abelsson

Belgium-Randy Rzewnicki

Denmark – Luse Noring


  1. Election of Preparatory Committees for Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and North America were remitted to Steve, Adrian, Jenny and Karyn to act by majority.


  1. There was a discussion of internationalisation and it was agreed that a business case needed to be prepared for the various potential activities. It was agreed that in national branches should be established wherever possible. It was thought possible that Asia might be too large and diverse to have a single structure.