The Transport and Health Science Group (THSG) is an independent group of global public health and transport practitioners and researchers. It is committed to understanding and addressing the links between transport policies and health and promoting a healthy transport system. The THSG was founded in the late 1980s by Dr. Stephen Morton as the Transport and Health Study Group. Its aim is to identify and promote the evidence base for policy and advocacy objectives that will enable a healthier and sustainable transport system. THSG is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Registered Charity Number 1192138.

The THSG began as an academic study group arranging regular seminars to discuss particular aspects of the relationship between transport and health and became the public health voice of a campaign for better transport policies. The THSG established a network of transport and health contacts in health authorities and has produced guidance on health impact assessment of transport schemes.

This work began with the THSG  publication “Health on the Move”, the first definitive account of the relationship between transport and health, followed by contributions to “Road Transport and Health” by the British Medical Association. Health on the Move 2″  is available electronically and provides a scientific and policy account of transport and health.

Membership of THSG is open to anyone interested in the effects of transport and health. See the benefits of joining THSG here.

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