Join the THSG

Membership of the Transport and Health Science Group (THSG) is open to anyone interested in the effects of transport and health.  Members include public health specialists, transport planners, engineers, academics, members of non-governmental organisations, professionals working in the public and the private sector, policy-makers, and members of the public.

The membership subscription to THSG is at your discretion but certain benefits of membership, such as reduced rate subscription for the Journal of Transport and Health, access to our conferences, voting rights, or the free licence for non-commercial use of Health on the Move 2 are  available only to members who pay the recommended rate. Recommended rates are as follows:-

  • Individual member per year:   UK £10,   other EU €12,   United States $16
  • Groups of individual members – subscription covers the first seven members or a local organisation and the first five members. Additional members are at half the normal rate for individual members   UK £35 Other EU 42 euros, US $54
  • Local organisation per year:    UK £25   other EU €30 United States $40
  • National or international organisation per year: UK £500 other EU €600 United States $800
  • Other developed countries – convert UK rates at current rates of exchange
  • Developing countries – convert UK rates at purchasing power parity. If you do not have official purchasing power parity data to hand, £5 is the price of a sandwich and a cup of coffee (or if sandwiches and coffee are unusual and expensive in your country, an equivalent local lunchtime snack)
  • Contributions in kind can be considered, especially for large organisations, and mutual affiliation is one such form of contribution in kind that has been agreed with a number of organisations

If you are interested, please email our Secretary Andree Woodcock.