The THSG aims to generate discussion and debate about new and existing evidence that will enable healthier and sustainable transport systems. The THSG maintains an independent, evidence-based position on all issues. It has  a campaigning stance, focused on supporting public health, transport and planning professionals to  consider health in their policy, projects and plans.

The THSG’s aims drawn from Health on the Move 2 are to:


  • Promote Parliamentary support for the THSG’s policy objectives
  • Ensuring transport works for all people, regardless of time, location, age or  disability
  • Support reduction of the polluting effect of aviation, especially at high altitude, by using cleaner aircraft and by developing alternative modes of high speed long distance travel
  • Promote reasonable limitation and avoidance of optional long distance travel
  • Support sustainability and air quality improvement initiatives
  • Support alternatives to travel, such as virtual meetings

Active Travel

  • Promote walking and cycling as the principal modes for short, everyday trips
  • Promote a systems approach to cycle safety and oppose cycle helmet legislation
  • Promote the train/cycle integration and the development of the railway system

Public Transport

  • Increase the quantity, quality and integration of public transport
  • Move towards electrified public transport, especially in urban areas


  • Prioritise walking, cycling and public transport in residential & urban areas
  • Adopt and enforce 20mph speed limits in residential & urban areas
  • Support pricing of transport in ways which promote balanced use of appropriate modes, such as shifting the cost of motor vehicles away from ownership and towards use
  • Ensure that those making decisions about road schemes are fully informed about the scientific evidence concerning health and concerning the impact on congestion
  • Recognise the evidence on the adverse health effects of heavy traffic in residential streets and the positive benefits of community use of streetscape

Professional services

  • Provide professional support to organisations promoting walking and cycling
  • Develop understanding of sustainable, health-promoting practice in engineering
  • Develop understanding of sustainable, health-promoting practice in spatial planning

Research and development

  • Develop a research network promoting the THSG’s policy objectives
  • Develop thinking about new ways of financing transport infrastructure
  • Develop new structures around transport accessibility above private car ownership
  • Develop understanding and good practice around accident prevention
  • Develop proposals for a national, demand-responsive transport system


  • Develop and promote guidance on transport in health impact assessment
  • Develop and support an NHS network promoting the THSG’s policy objectives
  • Develop a local government network promoting the THSG’s policy objectives
  • Develop good practice on transport in public health departments
  • Promote understanding of transport in the medical profession
  • Support and develop groups in other nations
  • Develop the European THSG Committee in influencing in European policy