HEALTH ON THE MOVE 2 – a comprehensive review of evidence on transport and health

ESSENTIAL EVIDENCE ON A PAGE – Key evidence from peer-reviewed literature to strengthen the case for current transport policies and practice. All of the summaries are published on a single page in order to better disseminate academic research to practitioners for implementation within planning and policy.



This series marks the continuation of the Essential Evidence series of 1 page de-jargonised summaries on aspects of road transport policy, practice and public health. Adrian Davis writes these as part of his role as Chair of Transport & Health, at the Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University.

THE JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT AND HEALTH is an important specialist journal in the field published by Elsevier in conjunction with THSG. Members of the THSG are eligible for reduced subscription fees to it. You can view titles and abstracts of published volumes here.

The Health Foundation: How transport offers a route to better health

The link between active travel and physical activity –  a commission for Sport England. The main report by Sustrans is available at: https://www.sportengland.org/know-your-audience/demographic-knowledge/active-travel?section=our_research

Young people, transport and health outcomes – in partnership with University of the West of England. A blog available at:  https://www.sustrans.org.uk/our-blog/research/all-themes/all/the-role-of-transport-in-supporting-a-healthy-future-for-young-people/ (summarises and also links to the main report.) This is now the subject of a Health Foundation funded policy-research post co-hosted by UWE and Sustrans

Impacts of School Streets interventions evidence review – the link to the School Street Closures evidence review paper, released in August, and  summary blog. Sustrans have received excellent feedback on this from local authorities who are trying to implement such measures.