Fifth Regional Seminar on Active Travel

Fifth Regional Seminar on Active Travel
Active Travel – Better Towns Ride the Lights, Walk the Prom
co-hosted by Living Streets and North West Active Travel Network

Venue: The Solaris Centre, Blackpool

Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Speakers will include

Nick Davies (University of Central Lancashire) Economic benefits of active travel

Nick Cavill (Consultant) Health benefits of active travel

Tom Platt (Head of Policy, Living Streets) Walkable places – Current developments

Karen Stevens (Liverpool City Council) Bike Hire Schemes

Andy Howard (Transport for Greater Manchester) CCAG – Towards Velocity 2025

Jon Little (Waltham Forest Council) The Waltham Forrest Mini-Holland

Steve Essex (Transport Initiatives) Pedestrian-cycle interactions

Latif Patel (Blackpool Council) Crossings and signals phases at junction

Prior to the formal programme optional cycling and walking tours will be available from Blackpool North Station visiting sites of special traffic interest en route to the Solaris Centre

Lunch will be provided by Café Chicco at the Solaris Centre.


Standard: £50
Representatives of voluntary bodies: £25

Bookings can be registered at :

Deadline: Monday 5th October


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