PATTH – Partnership for Active Travel, Transport and Health

In 2021 the Transport and Health Science Group established the Partnership for Active Travel, Transport and Health (PATTH). THSG is a UK-based international scientific society concerned with all aspects of the relationship between transport and health, and the main public health organisation in the transport field in the UK.

The purpose of PATTH is to bring together professional bodies and voluntary organisations concerned with active travel or other aspects of transport and health to assist on matters of mutual concern and especially evidence, education and exchange of information. We aim to enable public health support to the transport organisations and transport policy support to the health organisations. An important element is to help mobilise the heft of medical professional support for the transport and health agenda, including in national lobbying, informing local decision makers and disseminating good practice.


Major public health organisations

  • Association of Directors of Public Health,
  • British Medical Association,
  • Faculty of Public Health,
  • Medical Women’s Federation,
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • UK Health Alliance on Climate Change UKHACC

Major transport-related engineering institutions

  • CIHT
  • TPA

Major active travel organisations

  • Living Streets,
  • Cycling UK,
  • Action Vision Zero,
  • Campaign for Better Transport,
  • Urban Transport Group
  • Transport Action Network
  • Ramblers Association,

Town and Country Planning Association

Further information

PATTH Ways of Working