UCL MSc Transport, Health & Policy


To create leaders who can implement and assess policy across the essential services of transport and health.

A new approach:

The MSc in Transport, Health and Policy deliberately breaks from a technical topic-per-module approach, instead focussing on stages within policy evaluation and implementation. This shift of focus enables the complexity of the interactions between transport and health to be explored on a project by project basis


The programme is based around 4 workshop-based modules and an individual project and professional portfolio

Workshop-based Modules (each 30 credits)

  • Monitoring and Assessment of Health and Transport Policies • Assessing Evidence and Building a Case for Policy
  • Policy and Strategy: Development and Implementation
  • Strategic Leadership and Decision Making

Research Module (60 credits)
Transport, Health and Policy Dissertation

Workshop Dates
MSc induction
18th – 20th Sept 2014
Monitoring and Assessment of  Health and Transport Policies
6th – 8th Nov 2014
Assessing Evidence and Building  a Case for Policy
8th – 10th Jan 2015
Property and Strategy: Development and Implementation
5th – 7th March 2015
Strategic Leadership and Decision Making
23rd – 25th Apr 2015
Transport, Health and Policy Dissertation Module
After April 2015

For further information contact:

Dr. Catherine Holloway c.holloway (at) ucl.ac.uk
Dr. Nicola Christie nicola.christie (at) ucl.ac.uk

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